4 Ways to Make Brushing Fun for Kids | Dr. David Ward

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At Evergreen Dental, led by Dr. David Ward, we understand the pivotal role parents play in fostering lifelong dental hygiene habits in their children. Here are some creative tips to make dental care enjoyable for your little one:

  1. Choose a Special Toothbrush:
    Encourage your child’s enthusiasm for brushing by allowing them to select their own toothbrush in their favorite color or adorned with a beloved cartoon character. Child-sized soft-bristled brushes are available in a myriad of options designed to make brushing a delightful experience.
  2. Opt for Children’s Toothpaste:
    Minty toothpaste may not appeal to all children, as its flavor can be overpowering. Instead, consider children’s toothpaste available in gentle flavors such as soft mint, fruity, or bubble gum. Allowing your child to choose their preferred toothpaste flavor can make brushing more enjoyable and encourage them to brush for the recommended two minutes.
  3. Use a Timer:
    To help your child maintain focus during brushing, utilize a timer to ensure they brush for the recommended duration of two minutes. Whether it’s a sand timer, manual stopwatch, or a digital timer app, involving your child in the timing process can enhance their engagement and confidence in their brushing routine.
  4. Brush Together:
    Set a positive example for your child by brushing together as a family. By demonstrating proper brushing technique, you not only improve your child’s skills but also emphasize the importance of dental hygiene. When your child witnesses your commitment to oral care, they are more likely to prioritize it themselves.

At Evergreen Dental, we’re dedicated to providing personalized dental care that promotes healthy smiles for the whole family. For additional tips on making dental hygiene enjoyable for your child, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’re here to support your family’s oral health journey every step of the way.

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